Crystal Farming 101 - Why getting a Crystal Giant is GOOD for you

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Crystal Farming 101 - Why getting a Crystal Giant is GOOD for you

Post by Aeir on Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:45 am

Well, I've been playing this game for a little over 40 days, and it has come to my attention that many players pass on the opportunity to buy a Crystal Giant when they first have the chance AND the crystals to do so. When consulted, a lot of them considered it was a waste since the time to get the investment back completely overwhelmed the benefits of the "instant satisfaction" a 75 crystal summon provides.

I beg to differ.

The following information was obtained through the magic of MATH.

Complete Mission - 7 Crystals per 24h
Let's Go For Another Round! - 3 Crystals per 24h
Crystal Giant - 3 Crystals per 24h
Crystal Mine - 2.4 Crystals per 24h

If we add all of these up, the result is 15.4 Crystals per 24h (1 day).

15.4 Daily Crystals × 7 days (1 week) = 107.8 Crystals

107.8 Weekly Crystals × 4 weeks (28 days) = 431.2 Crystals

So, by the time 19.5 days have gone by, you will have already payed for your Giant AND have an extra 131.2 crystals by the en of the 28 day period.

Now. You might think that an initial 300 Crystal investment might be hard on a newbie, such as myself. I thought of this in advance for you:

These are easy to comolete, well within the first week of playing the game (as I did).

-Intermediate Summoner 100 Crystals
-Rise, My Champion 20 Crystals
-Conquer Dungeon 5 Crystals
-To Each Their Own 5 Crystals
-Sky Fortress 5 Crystals

That's a 135 Crystal startup. Add 5 Crystal per Level Up, by the time you're Level 15 you will have 70 Crystals. That's already a 205 Crystal start up in just a week. And this is without  even considering the Daily Log In Bonuses, random Crystal drops while doing dungeons or The Main Storyline areas, Daily Rival Challenges, Dungeon First Time Clears, THE FREE GEM OFFERS which net you roughly another 40 Crystals, the random MYSTIC SCROLL DROP you can get anywhere, anytime! AND THE EVER USEFUL ARENA REWARDS!

So that more or less covers your initial investemnt of 300 in just around 7 to 10 DAYS after you started!

I'm not saying it's wrong to spend your Crystals on 75 Summons. I just think there are better ways to spend your Crystals! 75 Crystals on a gamble doesn't sound like a good investment when YOU WILL get 3 star monsters from your Social Summons and Unknown Scrolls!

Of course, nothing beats getting a 4* or 5* star on your first 75 Crystal Summon! But if you're willing to gamble at least do it in a smart way!

The Summoner Pack (225 Crystals) has 3 Mystic Scrolls, 1 Random Angelmon and 30k Mana Stones so you won't have to spend an extra Mana Stone while summoning those 3 Mystic Scrolls. You're already getting more than what you payed for.

If that wasn't enough to convince you, the Premium Package (750 Crystals) includes 11 Mystic Scrolls, 5 Angelmon (1 for each attribute), and 100k Mana Stones. You're getting 11 Mystic Scrolls and 5 Angelmon for the price of TEN Crystal Summons. Talk about bang for buck!

On the long run, the sooner you get your Crystal production up and ready, the more benefits you will get from it. And to anyone close minded enough to keep saying that "it only works in the long run", it's been around a month and a half and I still see you playing, not receiving any benefits from an early Crystal Giant purchase. That's 84 Extra Crystals I already have that you don't because you didn't want to invest "in the long run".

Don't be stubborn! Do the math! Giant = Good.

•• Additional, Relatively Easy Missions/Achievements ••

-Monster Transformed 5 Crystals
-Dark Horse Of The Arena 5 Crystals
-Elite Troops 5 Crystals
-Magic Castle 5 Crystals
-March On 10 Crystals
-Mana Springs 10 Crystals
-All That Is Left Is Honor 10 Crystals

Feel free to comment on this... whatever it is. I couldn't call it a guide. Format sucks, but I'm on a smartphone and have no access to a computer ATM.
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Re: Crystal Farming 101 - Why getting a Crystal Giant is GOOD for you

Post by profallister on Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:58 am

Well, let me preface this by stating that I am a strong advocate for investing in the Titan.


It's important to remember that it won't pay off for 100 days (>3 months) of daily play. there's no getting around that - the only crystals you get from the Titan that you don't get otherwise are the ones actually produced by the Titan. Of course, once the 100 days are up it's pretty much free money.

In other words, you aren't ahead by 84 crystals; you're behind by 216 crystals. But ONLY for the people who will NEVER get a Titan. If you're going to get a Titan, get it ASAP.

So, if I'm encouraging getting the Titan, and acknowledge that it will pay off, then why am I even bringing up the investment period?

I'm glad you asked that, me.

In video games, 100 days is an eternity. Last year, in late June, I got Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Every day, for several months, I would out all my time into collecting eye-searingly ugly furniture, just to say I had the full collection. Then, 100 days later, Pokemon X and Y came out. I haven't really touched Animal Crossing since.

If I had been working on something that required a daily investment for 100 days in order to get a payoff, all that effort would have been wasted.

So if you're willing to believe that you're in it for the long haul, then you should most definitely get the Titan with your very first 300 crystals. If you honestly don't expect that you'll be playing this for more than 2 months or so, your crystals would be more enjoyably spent elsewhere.
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