[GUIDE][WORK IN PROGRESS] Monster Progression Chart

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[GUIDE][WORK IN PROGRESS] Monster Progression Chart

Post by profallister on Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:42 am

Over the past couple months, I've been tracking and compiling information, in order to reverse-engineer the rules behind how monsters progress. My notes are in the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BbBMt9wh4MtAfZw6hJ6jhJrY5zx0tVmgStzutPFmeUY/edit?usp=sharing

Feel free to comment as desired - I'll incorporate the useful information and delete the useless stuff.

Current Findings

Speed does not increase by level or by evolution.
Awakened monsters do not have any direct stat correlation to their non-awakened versions; Awakened monsters have an entirely different stat array, which is normally better than the non-awakened array.
Evolution reduces a monster's stats by 20%. If a 3* max level monster has 100 defense, the 4* level 1 monster will have 80 defense.
A Max level Rank 1 monster has double the stats of a level 1 Rank 1 monster.
Each level increases a Rank 2 monster's stats by 3.4%. Max level has approximately 1.9x the stats at level 1.
Each level increases a Rank 3 monster's stats by 2.5%. Max level has approximately 1.8x the stats at level 1.
Each level increases a Rank 4 monster's stats by 1.85% Max level has approximately 1.7x the stats at level 1.

Still to Be Done

In-Depth tracking - I need a level-by-level accounting of a 1* monster's stats, a 5* monster's stats, and a 6* monster's stats. Natural rank doesn't matter, only current rank. Also, I'm tracking the base, unmodified stats - this would be the white letters on the monster information screen.

Progression Rates - My 1* progression rate seems to have a couple issues, and I don't really have any information to determine 5* or 6* progression rates. I should be able to derive these rates from the in-depth tracking, above.

Obviously, this isn't perfect, but a quick look at the raw data and the estimates used there seems to be giving a pretty consistent margin of error of ±2 points. I'm more than satisfied with a margin of error of less than 1%.
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Re: [GUIDE][WORK IN PROGRESS] Monster Progression Chart

Post by Flamepc on Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:09 am

Good job Prof. Thanks for contributing, continue your work Very Happy


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